Fungal Disease

Fungal infections of both the skin and nails of the feet are caused by microscopic organisms only in this case, they are fungi, and like their counterparts, bacteria and viruses, are invisible to the naked eye.
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They exist everywhere, in the atmosphere and environment, though they do prefer somewhere dark, moist and warm in order to flourish. They attack human skin and nails, particularly at times of mild debility or when the skin is damaged and therefore more susceptible to invasion. They are common conditions affecting 10-15% of the population and are commonest in males.

The most typical fungal infection of the skin is known as Athletes Foot, a reference, originally to the ‘plimsolls’ or ‘pumps’ footwear worn by athletes, which provided the perfect environment for the growth of the fungi involved.

Infection of the nails is called onychomycosis and is quite often a complication of what was originally an untreated, or inadequately treated skin infection.




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